Connected Learners
Connected Learners

Today's consumer is more connected than ever, and at ever increasing rates want more information. According to Google, , last year, consumers spent on average three hours more time researching than they did in 2013, and performed 75% of that research on digital.

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Presentation Design
Presentation Design
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Repitore of Tools
Repitore of Tools
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Purple Pencil LLC, is an information and learning design company, also known as instructional designers, specializing in eLearning.


Purple Pencil LLC can help you identify right learning tools and technologies, using a 5 step model .We will meet and exceed your expectations.












We are registered and qualified in over 200 educational technology resources.






Such as: Google G Suite, Adobe Captivate 8, ThinkLink, Scratch, Vine, Moovly, and more



Our Approach:

We partner with businesses and nonprofits to understand their mission and vision. Then we develop user-centered learning approaches to educate your target audience, whether your clients, your employees or business-to-business relationships. Any and every content is an opportunity to provide, what we call "responsive information". 


Responsive Information is:

Strategically structured information that supports interaction, engagement, and learning. (Hicks, 2016)




What We Can Do: 


We can assist you with:

  • Consultation and need analysis to identify the best platforms and tools for your information delivery needs


  • Designing learning interactions:



     Webinars                 On-Demand Courses                Games            Micro-Learning Videos






  • Configuration, installation of "content repositories" or Learning Managment Systems, including: Moodle, FormaLMS, Blackboard, and Canvas



  • Train the Trainer. We can teach your in-house staff how to use tools and technologies. Providing the training on the lastest innovations in the field.





  • Consultation on Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality implementations



  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Kits (coming soon)


  • Setting up collaborative learning environments 







E-learning technologies continue to expand, enabling more innovative ways to interact with learners.


Contact us today to what you could be doing to leverage learning at your organization.


Whether your organization needs a competency-based solution to get your employees ready for the next new process, or to educate learners to build skills and attitudes around a specific subject area, Purple Pencil LLC can identify and create solutions to meet your needs.


We are  committed is to providing clients with sustainable, low-cost solutions.